Archdiocese of Chicago

Clergy Sexual Misconduct with Minors

2014 Document Publication

The Archdiocese of Chicago has voluntarily released documents related to 36 Archdiocesan priests who have at least one substantiated allegation of sexual misconduct with a minor. These documents are in addition to those released in January on 30 other priests. This release, together with the January release, covers priests who have substantiated allegations of sexual misconduct with minors identified on the Archdiocese’s website as of November 2014. Documents pertaining to two priests, former Rev. Daniel J. McCormack and Rev. Edward J. Maloney, are not included, due to ongoing processes that do not permit release.

A thorough document review process was used to prepare documents for release. It was designed to protect victim privacy, comply with legal restrictions against publishing mental health and medical information and protect the privacy of third parties mentioned in the documents but not involved in the abuse. Nothing was redacted or removed to conceal the identity of abusers.

None of these priests are currently in ministry. Explanatory materials concerning the long term record of the Archdiocese in responding to priest sexual abuse may be found here.

Inquiries may be directed to the Office of the Protection of Children and Youth, Archdiocese of Chicago, PO Box 1979, Chicago, IL 60690; (312) 534-5254.

Baranowski, Alexander Sylvester
Bartz, Richard Barry
Becker, Robert Charles
Bennett, Joseph R.
Bogdan, Leonard Adolph
Bowman, Robert Peter
Braun, David Francis
Brigham, Kenneth
Buck, Daniel Peter
Burns, Eugene Patrick
Calicott, John Walter
Cloutier, William J.
Craig, Robert
Curran, John William
Czajka, Norman J.
DeRoeck, Walter George
Dilla, Francis Emil
Fassbinder, Richard Wayne
Fitzharris, Joseph L.
Flosi, James Vincent
Friese, Robert
Garza, Jesus P.
Hagan, James Craig
Hefferan, John Edward
Hoder, James
Hogan, Michael J.
Holihan, Daniel Mark
Huppenbauer, Walter Edward
Job, Thomas
Kealy, Robert Louis
Keehan, John James
Kelly, Thomas
Keough, John Joseph
Kissane, Joseph Patrick
Kmak, Leonard Paul
Lupo, William L.
Maday, Norbert J.
Maloney, Edward
Mayer, Robert E.
McCaffrey, Vincent
McCormack, Daniel J.
McDonald, Robert Joseph
McNamara, Peter John
Miller, Gary M.
Mulsoff, Donald John
O'Brien, William John
Owens, Joseph
Pallikunnen, Emmanuel
Ray, James M.
Robinson, John Allen
Rohrich, John F.
Romano, Russell Lawrence
Ruge, Kenneth Charles
Savage, Joseph E.
Skriba, Raymond Francis
Snieg, Marion Joseph
Steel, James R.
Stewart, Victor E.
Strand, Ralph S.
Swade, Thomas J.
Swider, Henry Peter
Tanghal, Albert
Theisen, Richard Gregory
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Turlo, Walter Joseph
Ulatowski, Donald Francis
Vader, Anthony Joseph
Weston, Michael Howard